who is lola?

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Hey there!

I’m Susan Young, an online business creative genius with your big dreams and visions in my heart (and that’s the truth).

Who is LOLA though? Well, she’s my alter-ego. One of many actually! With a love of beautiful aesthetics, clever design and an-indepth knowledge of marketing, when I invoke Lola, amazing things get done!

I started building websites in 2004 when I had a nudge that creating a lifestyle online would be the way to go.

Fast forward to now, I’ve travelled to over 27 countries, only ever needing my laptop and an internet connection to run my business(es) and I want the same for you.

A dream life, dream business and an online home that feels divine!

fun facts


I bring you to life. Remind you of who you are and what you stand for, your purpose and calling in this world. I’m addicted to coffee and you’ll find me with a cup in hand, my mind wandering the Universe and will tell you things about yourself that you’ll wonder “how did she know that”.


The silent creative conspirator of your dreams, she looks inside you, finds the answers to the questions you’ve been asking and knows exactly what to do and when. If you let her. Quiet but confident, you can trust Lola to get things done, intuitively, wisely and beautifully.